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The Cybersecurity Institute Partners with Montclair State CAPE

Cybersecurity certificate to close growing professional skills gap

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The Cybersecurity Institute, an educational workforce development company, announced they will be partnering with Montclair State University to help close the skill gap in the professional cybersecurity space.

“Cybersecurity is a wonderful addition to our offerings to help train individuals for in-demand jobs in our region,” says Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Education Peter McAliney. “The program’s design that includes both in-class training with an internship component in such companies as Eisner Amper, DataSafe, and Kapstone ensure that students will have the required theoretical and practical experience to find work in a rapidly growing field.”

There has been considerable growth in the number of job opportunities available within the field of cybersecurity in recent years.  Cybersecurity has become one of the fastest growing technology fields in the United States.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a need to fill 28,500 new positions for information security analysts in consulting firms and financial services companies by 2026.

“This cybersecurity skills gap exists and it grows. It exists across a variety of roles, at the executive leadership, in engineering and certainly in the IT security shop,” said Carlos Solari, Chief Academic Advisor of Cybersecurity Institute and Former White House Chief Information Officer. “But the gap is also in pairing the individual specialists with the organization’s specific needs, so the two can meet, get to know each other and the focus of the training can match. There are many schools teaching cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity Institute is different by emphasizing this pairing as part of its core offering.”

The Cybersecurity Institute provides professionally-focused certificate programs in information security that teach adult learners the operational and technical knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly growing job market.  Areas that are extensively covered in these programs include threat landscape, secure architecture, auditing and risk, strategic management, and IT systems fundamentals.

The Cybersecurity Governance Certificate Program and the Cybersecurity Operations Certificate Program provide learners with the knowledge and lab experience needed to enter the cybersecurity field as Tier 1 Security Analysts, Systems Administrators, Vulnerability Analysts, Network Engineers, and Cybersecurity Analysts / Engineers.

A unique aspect of the partnership between Montclair State University and The Cybersecurity Institute is an emphasis on providing real life work experience through a guaranteed internship aspect, which will greatly increase the chance of being permanently placed after successfully completing the program.

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