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Cybersecurity Certificate

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The field of cybersecurity presents a wide and varied set of jobs. This highly practical, hands-on and result-oriented program couples a curriculum in line with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Education Framework with a substantive internship placement that will position graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to obtain entry level, Tier-1 jobs in cybersecurity. Successful graduates of the program will receive a certificate in cybersecurity and corresponding digital badge from Montclair State University Continuing and Professional Education endorsed by the Cybersecurity Institute.

Program Format

  • Relevant Coursework: The cybersecurity certificate program includes 70% hands-on, 30% lecture based training by instructors who are currently working as senior level leaders in the cybersecurity field.
  • Real-World Practice: A 6-week internship provides real life experience and networking opportunities. Students will build connections to employers and professionals in the field.
  • Employment Support: The cybersecurity training program can be completed in 14 weeks including 6 week internship module. The successful graduates will receive placement assistance which will provide career counseling and job search support.


Choose from two tracks: Operations or Governance.

Week 1: CS0100 Onboarding and Introduction to Networking
Week 2: CSE100 IT System Fundamentals
Week 3: CSE200 Introduction to Cybersecurity
Week 4: CSC100 Threat Landscape
Week 5: CSC200 Secure Architecture

Operations Track

Week 6: CSO200 Red Teaming
Week 7: CSA100 Security Engineering

Governance Track

Week 6: CSG100 Audit Risk
Week 7: CSG200 Strategic Management

Week 8: CSA100 Field Preparation
Week 9-Week 14 – Internship
Week 15-Week 20 – Placement Assistance