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Our students and partners share their experiences with Montclair State University Continuing and Professional Education.


The presentations I attended were professionally organized and presented. The project management basics provided me with some vocabulary to articulate issues to my colleagues.


  • Montclair Public Library Director, Peter Coyl
    Our partnership with Montclair State gives the community more access to outstanding cultural opportunities and educational resources. We are very excited about strengthening the collaboration between our Adult School and the University through CAPE to give our Adult School users further access to the rich talent and expertise the University has to offer.

Corporate Education

CAPE recently partnered with HackensackUMC Mountainside to develop and deliver a range of training courses for its employees.

  • Mountainside Hospital VP for Human Resources, Francis Corridon (Retired)
    The program that we developed with CAPE has generated much excitement in our hospital. From a management perspective, the CAPE program not only clearly signaled our commitment to training to our staff, but has also increased productivity and morale across many departments at the hospital.

Courses and Training Programs

Blockchain Course

  • I was impressed by the Introduction to Blockchain lecture I attended at Montclair State as it gave me a thorough overview of blockchain and touched on many potential uses of this technology. I also learnt of the potential societal impact. I was also impressed by the lecturers and how they tailored the material they presented to the expertise of the audience. I highly recommend attending this lecture to understand how this technology will have far-reaching impacts, other than cryptocurrencies, in the future.
  • Risk Management Professional, Credit Suisse
    I enjoyed the classes I took for my Blockchain Essentials online certificate. I found the instructors of the videos engaging and they knew what they were talking about. The technical content was detailed enough without being too overwhelming for those who are not software developers.

Federal Employee Workshop During Government Shutdown

  • For those of us who don’t have anything else right now and maybe don’t have hope, to come in and have some purpose for the day — somewhere to go, something to get dressed up for and network with other professionals — it was definitely inspiring. It was nice to see that there are people who care about us.
  • It made me feel important again. I’m at home all day so it felt great to be here and think critically about something again.