Let's Talk Hours

  • Monday (two sites and times!):
    12-1:30 pm, Sprague Library, Room 201 (Upper level)
    3:30-5 pm, Dickson Hall, Room 462 (4th Floor)
  • Tuesday (two sites and times!):
    11 am-12:30 pm, Morehead Hall, Room 218
    3-4:30 pm, Student Center, Room 104F (within Center for Student Involvement Suite)
  • Wednesday (two sites and times!):
    10:30 am-12 pm, Student Center, Room 422 (CAPS Office of Outreach and Prevention)
    3-4:30 pm, Freeman Annex, Room 140 (across from Freeman Dining Room)
  • Thursday (two sites and times!):
    1-2:30 pm, Schmitt Hall, Room 374 (CSAM Student Services Suite)
    3:30-5 pm, Webster Hall, Room 100 (DRC Suite, 1st floor)
  • Friday: 1:30-3 pm, Blanton Hall Room 1001 (1st Floor Lobby)