CAPS Mental Health Ambassador Program

The mission of the CAPS Mental Health Ambassador Program is to provide an opportunity for Montclair State University students to develop leadership, community outreach, and human services skills while also serving as change agents in promoting health, wellness, and mental health awareness in the Montclair State community. Through this program, CAPS aims to engage student leaders in providing mental health outreach programming to their peers and to the Montclair State University community as a whole. CAPS Mental Health Ambassadors receive training and mentorship in serving as outreach assistants for CAPS, with the aim of decreasing myths about seeking help, empowering and motivating other students to make healthy life changes, and providing information on counseling and CAPS services to raise awareness and decrease mental health stigma on campus.

For more information on the CAPS Mental Health Ambassador Program this semester please click on the information sheet and application due Friday, September 15, 2017: CAPS Mental Health Ambassadors Application 2017.

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2016-2017 CAPS Mental Health Ambassadors

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