front of CELS building

Expected vs Reality

Click and drag the scroller at the center of the images to view the rendering of the space (scroll left to right) or the current space (scroll right to left). The spaces currently with this feature show half the rendering and half of the image of the actual space.

Outside of the CELS Building

CELS exterior renderingCELS exterior in construction
construction exteriorCELS exterior complete

In the Atrium

Atrium under constructionAtrium

In the Commons (first floor)

lobby under constructionCELS Lobby

In the Commons (second floor)

hallway under constructionhallway complete

On the Green Roof

green roof constructiongreen roof
green roof constructiongreen roof

In a Lecture Hall

lecture hall under constructionlecture hall completed
Lecture hall under constructionlecture hall completed

In a Research Lab

lab renderinglab completed

Lobby Elevator

rendering of elevators in lobbylobby elevator bank

The Break Out Room

breakout room renderingBreakout room
breakout room rendering