front of CELS building

White Paper

The mission of the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences is to create a new, transdisciplinary structure for ongoing and new research. The facility is being designed specifically to allow the historic “silos” of the sciences to come down. With New Jersey remaining a critical nucleus for the pharmaceutical industry, and with a preponderance of environmental issues facing the state and the nation, CELS seeks forward-looking initiatives to help foment new directions and solutions in the sciences and concurrently promote through research and joint ventures new directions to support and stimulate the economy.

Montclair State has positioned itself to increase its reputation as a regional leader in applied research for pharmaceutical chemistry as well as for sustainable development and environmental management. CELS is driven by the active research programs generated by CSAM faculty and graduate students in analytical biology, chemistry and environmental studies, with strong support in computational science and mathematics. CELS promotes collaborative research across traditional disciplines through shared facilities and incubator laboratories that encourage interaction with regional industry.

CELS White Paper (PDF)