2018 Recognition of Excellence table of awards

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Category
2019 Daniel Truitt Community Building
2019 Steven Greenstein & Eileen Murray Community Building
2019 Scott Kight Community Building
2019 Aihua Li Community Building
2019 Amy Tuininga Community Building
2019 Dawei Li (and Sammy Samkough) Leadership
2019 Celeste Van Nice Leadership
2019 Pankaj Lal Leadership
2019 Mark Chopping Leadership
2019 Yang Deng Professional Recognition
2019 Kirsten Monsen Professional Recognition
2019 Kalli Wood Professional Recognition
2019 Charlotte Cuss Bracchitta Professional Recognition
2019 Adebanke (Banke) Fagbemi, PhD Alumni Achievement
2019 William Anderson Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba)
2019 Daniel Ciarletta Student Recognition (nominated by Drs. Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba & Greg Pope)
2019 Angelo Cirinelli Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Lora Billings)
2019 Junkui Cui Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Yang Deng)
2019 Tony Elias Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Sandra Adams)
2019 Kimberly Fabijanczuk Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Jinshan Gao)
2019 Koralee Grullon Student Recognition (nominated by Ms. Gennae Hinson)
2019 Tori Zirul Student Recognition (nominated by Dr. Scott Kight)
2006 Raquel Peterson CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2007 Beverly Macaluso CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2008 Stefanie Bryant CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2009 Carolyn Witte CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2010 Barbara DeBeus CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2011 Maria Pignatello CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2015 Patti Flatley CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2016 Diane Prince CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2017 Asoina Richardson CSAM Non-Faculty Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2006 Marie Washington Other Professional Staff
2007 Rose Lipala Other Professional Staff
2008 Serena Smith Other Professional Staff
2009 Yoko Sato Other Professional Staff
2010 Dennis Stachura Other Professional Staff
2011 George Grover Other Professional Staff
2012 Jacalyn G. Willis Other Professional Staff
2013 Kevin Olsen Other Professional Staff
2014 Bill Thomas Other Professional Staff
2015 Gennae Hinson Other Professional Staff
2016 Michael Stoppay Other Professional Staff
2017 Shari Ferguson-Murtha Other Professional Staff
2006 Judith Schillcock Faculty College Service
2007 Marc Kasner Faculty College Service
2008 Sandra Adams Faculty College Service
2009 Matt Gorring Faculty College Service
2010 Dirk Vanderklein Faculty College Service
2011 Angel Gutierrez Faculty College Service
2013 Diana Thomas Faculty College Service
2014 Quinn Vega Faculty College Service
2015 Gregory Pope Faculty College Service
2016 Carlos Molina Faculty College Service
2017 John Siekierka Faculty College Service
2006 James Campanella Faculty Research
2007 Quinn Vega Faculty Research
2008 Lora Billings Faculty Research
2009 Danjin Wang Faculty Research
2010 Charles Du Faculty Research
2011 Stefanie Brachfeld Faculty Research
2012 Johannes Schelvis Faculty Research
2013 Sandra Passchier Faculty Research
2014 David Rotella Faculty Research
2015 Meiyin Wu Faculty Research
2016 Yang Deng Faculty Research
2017 Robert Meredith Faculty Research
2006 Evan Meletsky Faculty Teaching
2007 Michael Jones Faculty Teaching
2008 Scott Kight Faculty Teaching
2009 Diana Thomas Faculty Teaching
2010 Sandra Adams Faculty Teaching
2012 Eileen Fernandez Faculty Teaching
2013 David Konas Faculty Teaching
2014 Yvonne Gindt Faculty Teaching
2015 Dirk Vanderklein Faculty Teaching
2016 Mathew Gorring Faculty Teaching
2017 Joshua Galster Faculty Teaching
2006 Yuri Jadotte Graduating Senior Research
2007 Britinny Shelton Graduating Senior Research
2008 Daniel Hauptvogel Graduating Senior Research
2009 Vanessa Espinosa Graduating Senior Research
2010 Katie Gaskill Graduating Senior Research
2011 Parth Vyas Graduating Senior Research
2012 Nicholas Kass Graduating Senior Research
2013 Ivana Prokopova Graduating Senior Research
2015 Shivani N. Patel Graduating Senior Research
2016 Blake Moore Graduating Senior Research
2017 Bianca Sanabria Graduating Senior Research
2011 Jackson Burton Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2012 James Alexander Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2013 Brendan Reilly Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2014 Tamara Kreiss Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2015 Ryan Allaire Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2017 Sharameeta Shinde Graduating Masters Graduate Research
2011 Pravin Punamiya Doctoral Research
2012 Padmini Das Doctoral Research
2015 Faith Muriithi Doctoral Research
2016 Pralhad Burli Doctoral Research
2017 Justin Sventko Doctoral Research