CSAM Math Sequences

We strongly recommend that all CSAM students take one math course per semester from the first semester until their math requirements are completed; especially keep moving toward Calculus.

Math courses build on high school math and on each other, and why have a gap to forget?

NOTE: Effective Fall 2015, MATH 111 is the only Precalculus (MATH 112 is no longer offered).
Sequences not intended to be complete nor comprehensive

  1. MATH 071 Algebra I
    • or exempt
    1. MATH 109 Statistics
      • GEOG
  2. MATH 100 Intermediate Algebra
    • or exempt
    1. MATH 110 Bio Stat
      • Most BIOL
  3. MATH 111 Applied Precalculus
    • Most EAES
      or exempt
    1. STAT 401
      • New CPSC
  4. MATH 116 Calc A
    • Most BIOL
      Most EAES
  5. MATH 122 Calc I
    1. MATH 221 Calc II
      • CPSC
        Some BIOL
        Some EAES

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