Emeriti Faculty

When a professor stops teaching, they can be given the title of emeritus, to be remembered as a successful professor. The word emeritus is Latin, originally meaning "veteran soldier." Below are the faculty members from the College of Science and Mathematics that have been designated as Emeriti faculty at Montclair State. If you have memories, or something to say about a professor, let us know! We will compile the memories, stories, and other information about the professors on this page.

FirstLastEmeriti Status GrantedDepartment
Edward Bewayo October 2017 Computer Science
Carl Bredlau April 2011 Computer Science
Paul Clifford May 2017 Mathematical Sciences
Larry Cribben December 1997 Biology
Andrew Demetropoulos December 2001 Mathematical Sciences
Dorothy Deremer April 2011 Computer Science
Thomas Francis Devlin June 2013 Mathematical Sciences
Roland R. Flynn July 1994 Chemistry
Robert Garfunkel December 1998 Mathematical Sciences
Irwin H. Gawley October 1988 Mathematical Sciences
Carl Gottschall October 2016 Mathematical Sciences
Angel Gutierrez November 2015 Computer Science
Kenneth Kalmanson April 2012 Mathematical Sciences
Patricia Clark Kenschaft October 2006 Mathematical Sciences
William G. Koellner September 1996 Mathematical Sciences
Stephen Koepp October 2014 Biology
John Korky October 2014 Biology
Ludwik Kowalski July 2004 Physics and Astronomy
Stephen W. Kowalski February 1996 Physics and Astronomy
S. Marie Kuhnen September 1987 Biology
Marcoantonio Lacatena February 1993 Mathematical Sciences
Audrey J. Leef February 1993 Mathematical Sciences
Richard A. Lynde June 2008 Chemistry and Biochemistry
Evan M. Maletsky October 2006 Mathematical Sciences
Anna Pai December 1997 Biology
William Parzynski October 2018 Mathematical Sciences
Rufus Reed   Chemistry
Paul Shubeck February 1993 Biology
Max A. Sobel February 1993 Mathematical Sciences
John Stevens April 2015 Mathematical Sciences
Mary Lou West April 2013 Physics and Astronomy
Thomas E. (Ted) Williamson October 2016 Mathematical Sciences
Kenneth Cameron Wolff April 2013 Mathematical Sciences