NameDissertation TitleCurrent Position
2017 - PhD
Natalie Sherwood

Risk Associated with Human Consumption and Harvesting of Two Turtle Species in New Jersey

Rosita Nunez

Antecedents and Consequences of CSR Reporting by Corporations: The Role of Management Strategy and Organization Characteristics

Marketing Director - Lonza Personal Care Ingredients
Alejandra Bozzolasco

Using a Mixed-Methods Approach to Understand Urban Children's Nature Conceptions, Ecological Worldviews and Environmental Perceptions and Preferences Before and After Attending an Environmental Education Program

Adjunct Instructor, Rampo College
Nanzhu Li

Ferrate as a New Treatment Chemical for Removal of Effluent Organic Matter (EfOM) and Emerging Micro-pollutants in Treated Municipal Wastewater for Water Reuse

Scientist at BEM Systems, Inc. Environmental Services
2016 - PhD
Abhishek Roy-Chowdhury

Green Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)- Impacted Soil and Water

Postdoctoral Researcher, Stevens Institute of Technology
Melissa Hansen

An Assessment of Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics from a Pliocene Polar Paleoclimate Archive

Adjunct Instructor, Kean University
Melissa Ann Koberle-Harclerode

Evaluating Sustainable Aspects of Hazardous Waste Remediation

Project manager and environmental scientist at CDM Smith
Virinder Pal Singh Sidhu

Establishing a Vegetative Cap for Sustainable Stabilization of Copper Contaminated Soils in Torch Lake, Michigan

Professional Staff, Montclair State University
Bernabas Wolde  Socioeconomic and Environmental Assessment of Woody Biofuels in Southeastern United States Postdoctoral Research Associate, Montclair State University
2015 - PhD
Joseph Digianni

Exploration of the Current Academic State and Directions of Dynamic Ridesharing

Adjunct Instructor, Montclair State University
Luke Diglio

An Assessment of New Jersey Trout Production Systems: A Movement towards Sustainability

An Assessment of New Jersey Trout Production Systems: A Movement towards Sustainability
Rocio Duchesne Mapping Shrub Abundance on the North Slope of Alaska Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & Geology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Faith Justus An integrated approach to assessing spread of commercial horticulture and related environmental impacts on watersheds: Cases in central highlands of Kenya  
Yu Qian Biogeochemical studies of metal uptake and transportation in plants on an urban brownfield Lecturer at Yunnan University in China
Sushant Singh Assessing and mapping vulnerability and risk perceptions to groundwater arsenic contamination: Towards developing sustainable arsenic mitigation models  
2014 - PhD
Marcia Anderson The Effectiveness of Venue Strategies for Environmental Communication in Non-Agricultural, Integrated Pest Management Campaigns Environmental Scientist, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2
Padmini Das Chemically Catalyzed Phytoremediation of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) Contaminated Soils by Vetiver Grass Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Science and Sustainability Program, Nazareth College, NY
Paola Dolcemascolo Anthropogenic Disturbance of the Herpetofauna in the Northeast US: Wildlife Disease and Habitat Modification Adjunct Instructor, Department of Mathematics and Sciences, School of Liberal Arts, Berkeley College, New York City
Amy Ferdinand Spatial Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Urban Redevelopment Director, Environmental Safety and Sustainability, Montclair State University
Kevin Olsen Organic Geochemical Investigations of Urban Sediments by Pyrolysis -­ Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Research Tech Specialist, Department of Chemistry, Montclair State University
Naz Onel Antecedents of Environmentally Sensitive Consumer Behaviors: An Investigation of Goal Framing Theory Assistant Professor of Business Studies - Marketing, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Michael Pawlish Towards the Next Generation of Green Data Centers Instructor, Management and Decision Sciences Department, Monmouth University
Pravin Punamiya Green Remediation of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soil-Water Systems Senior Scientist III, Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Sagarika Roy Hydrologic modeling in semi-arid agricultural region : an integrated approach to study water resources in Southern San Joaquin Valley, California

Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Benjamin Witherell Watershed-Based Water Quality Management Director of Economic Analysis, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
2013 - PhD
Shevon Letang Citizens' Perspectives of Access to the Decision Making Process and Community Improvement as Determinants of Brownfields Redevelopment Success  
Aimann Sadik Corporate Social Responsibility and the Gold Mining Industry: the Ghana Experience Senior Environmental Assessment Administrator in the Ministry of Environment, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada
2010 - PhD
Michael Nwachukwu Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil and Management of Occupational Wastes in Automobile Mechanic Villages, Imo River Basin Nigeria Senior Lecturer, Federal University of
Technology Owerri, Nigeria. Consultant, Anambra-Imo River Basin and Rural Development Authority.
Seth Xeflide An Assessment of Surface Water Resource Potential of New Jersey, USA Hydrogeologist, Tetra Tech, Calgary, Canada
2009 - PhD 
Naushad Kollikkathara Integrated System Dynamic Study and Prognosis on Municipal Solid Waste Management for Northern New Jersey Urban Area Research Principal, Systems Knowledge Institute, New Jersey
Mark Yidana Management of Groundwater for Productive Uses in the Afram Plains Area, Ghana Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science, University of Ghana, Legon
2008  - DEM
Jennifer Callanan Long Term Impacts of Forest Fires on Soil Chemical Properties as a Result of Mineral Alteration, and its Implications for Forest Fire Management Practices Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science, William Patterson University
Victor Onwueme Characterization and Assessment of Contaminated Sediments in Lower Passaic River, New Jersey

Civil Engineer, Department of Watershed Management, City of Atlanta