Posting DateTitleVacancy IDTypeDepartment
1/23/19 CESAC Research Assistant N/A Part-time CESAC
11/19/18 Laboratory Controls Technician
Facilities Specialist for CSAM Buildings
V-1546 Full-time CSAM
10/12/18 Assistant Professor, Bio-Analytical Chemistry V-F9 Full-time Chemistry
10/10/18 Assistant Professor, Human Computer Interaction V-F10 Full-time Computer Science
10/10/18 Assistant Professor, Robotics V-F11 Full-time Computer Science
10/8/18 Program Associate V-1563 Full-time CSAM
10/7/18 Assistant Professor, Biology/Science Education V-F7 Full-time Biology
10/7/18 Assistant Professor, Ecosystems Ecology V-F8 Full-time Biology
9/27/18 Assistant Professor of Physics V-F12 Full-time Physics
8/22/18 Assistant Professor N/A Temporary Computer Science
8/3/17 Assistant/Associate Professor of Computer Science
Human Computer Interaction
N/A Temporary Computer Science
9/19/16 Tutor for Math Learning Center PD-919 Temporary CSAM