Health Careers Program Combined BS/MD Program (Eight-Year)

With the Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School (R-NJMS), the Montclair State University Health Careers Program has entered into an Eight-Year Combined BS/MD Program, which results in the granting of a baccalaureate degree from Montclair State University and a Doctor of Medicine from R-NJMS. Students in the program will have four years of full-time study in the Health Careers Program majoring in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or molecular biology. While at MSU, students receive comprehensive support services and participate in summer as well as academic year enrichment activities. After completion of all program requirements at MSU, the student automatically advances to the medical school.


  • High School seniors who are highly motivated and academically capable from financially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • United States citizen or Permanent resident, with New Jersey residency.
  • Must have satisfied requirements for admission to MSU (General requirements include: English, 4 years; foreign language, 2 years of the same language; social studies, 2 years; mathematics, minimum 3 years including algebra I & II, and geometry; biology with lab, 1 year; chemistry with lab, 1 year; and electives chosen from the above areas, 3 years).
  • Applicants must have earned a "B" average or above GPA.
  • Class rank in the top 10 percent.
  • A minimum "B" average in science and mathematics.
  • SAT - Critical Reading and Mathematical composite of 1100 or above, with at least 550 on both the Critical Reading and Math must be earned. The writing section will also be reviewed in the overall evaluation. The SAT is considered in conjunction with other performance indices. The score must be achieved in a single test administration. (ACT scores can not be used in lieu of the SAT I).
  • A maximum of five letters of recommendation, with at least one each from teachers of mathematics, science and English.
  • Candidates must demonstrate motivation, maturity and understanding of the demands of a health professions career during the in-person interview accompanied by parents/guardians.

Application Process

  • A complete MSU application, high school transcript, SAT scores and letters of recommendation must be received by December 15th. Please note, applications received after December 15th will not be considered
  • Selected students are invited for an interview with the Health Careers Program Committee and a final separate interview with the Admissions Committee at R-NJMS.
  • Students accepted into the Eight-Year Combined BS/MD Program must participate in the MSU Honors Program. After completion of all program requirements (see Undergraduate Years at MSU), the student automatically advances to R-NJMS.

Undergraduate Years of the Program at MSU

Once admitted to the program, students are provided summer and academic year comprehensive support services, including enrichment activities. They are monitored through a collaboration of academic advisers, faculty and tutors.

A Joint Program and Evaluation Committee comprised of MSU Health Careers Program and R-NJMS representatives reviews each student's program and progress during the undergraduate phase until advancement to the R-NJMS. Program changes for individual students may be suggested.


  • Maintain a minimum grade of "B" in each science course required for admission to R-NJMS: general biology (8 credits), general chemistry (8 credits), organic chemistry (6 credits) and physics (8 credits).
  • Satisfy all curriculum requirements for graduation, including General Education Requirements (GER) courses.
  • Fulfill all requirements for the HCP Honors curriculum.
  • Maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 3.20 or better in all course work.
  • Participate in summer study and/or independent research projects at R-NJMS.
  • Earn competitive scores on the Medical College Admission Test.