person handling mouse in the vivarium

Per Diem Rates

In order to cover some of the expenses associated with animal care, and continue to provide high quality services to the invivo research models, LAR charges per diem rates. Per diem rates are published on the LAR website on annual basis. Per diems will be charged for each day a cage or an animal is housed in the vivarium. LAR staff conduct daily census of the cages and a bill of the per diem charges will be sent to the PIs on a monthly basis. For any questions regarding the per diem rates or billing, please contact the vivarium director.

Animal Housing Rates

Species Rate for FY 2023
Mouse $1.21
Mouse (immunocompromised) $1.30
Rat $1.37
Rat (immunocompromised) $1.48
Gerbil $1.66

Special Services Rates

Service Rate for FY 2023
Surgical Packs (preparation and autoclave) $11.00/pack
Anesthesia Machine use $16.00/hour

Personnel Services Rates

Service Rate for FY 2023
Husbandry Technician Labor $40.00/hour
Technical Services Labor $65.00/hour

Per Diem Charges

  • Standard husbandry & cage changes
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Euthanasia & carcass disposal
  • Animal procurement services
  • Census and billing services
  • Veterinary Consultation
  • Routine sentinel program
  • Colony health management (vendor quality and vendor approvals)
  • Training services
  • Routine facility inspections, maintenance and repair

* This is a subset of charges and other expenses may be incurred