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Animal Procurement

Animal Ordering

The purchase of all research animals is coordinated by the LAR central office. This process aims to ensure regulatory compliance, availability of sufficient housing space for the animals, and the maintenance of a Specific pathogen free (SPF) health status of the vivarium.

Animal Sources

LAR procures the animals from commercial vendors supplying SPF-quality animals. LAR maintains a list of that have been evaluated and approved by the attending veterinarian and the vivarium director. Vendor-supplied health status reports are reviewed regularly by the vivarium director and the attending veterinarian to ensure the continuity and maintenance of the SPF status of their colonies.

Approved Vendors

In the case where procuring animals from non-approved vendor (e.g. another academic institute) is justified and deemed necessary to initiate or continue an IACUC-approved research project, the requesting scientist must obtain a current animal health report from the source institute and provide to LAR, along with the procurement request, for review by the attending veterinarian and the vivarium director. Based on the review results, additional testing, rederivation or extended quarantine of the animals maybe requested prior to the approval of the shipment.

Animal Procurement Form & Process

The ordering of all research animals must be coordinated with the LAR. To place an animal order, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Review your IACUC-approved protocol to confirm that the requested species and strain are listed in the protocol and the number of animals requested is within the approved limit as well.
  2. To obtain your purchase order (PO):

    1. Contact the vendor for a price quote
    2. Enter an animal requisition and attach the price quote within Workday
    3. Once requisition is approved, a PO will be generated

    (The PO number will be needed for the LAR Animal Procurement Form)

  3. Complete the LAR Animal Procurement Form below.
  4. To avoid any delay on your animal orders, please submit the request form at least 10 business days prior to the desired delivery date.
    Note: animal delivery must not be scheduled for delivery on any university holidays.
  5. A copy of the vendor order confirmation should be sent to the LAR.
  6. In case of any questions or if you need any assistance with placing your order, please contact LAR on

Submit an Animal Procurement Request

Animal Transfer Between Protocols
The transfer of naive extra animals or animals that are no longer needed on a study protocol, and can be re-utilized in another study protocol is encouraged, as it supports the animal conserving practice and an effective application of the 3Rs.

Animals can be transferred from one research protocol or PI to another pending the review and approval of the IACUC administration/attending veterinarian. To initiate an animal transfer transaction, please complete and submit the animal transfer request form. Please realize the following,

  1. All animal transfers must be requested via the animal transfer form. Verbal animal transfer is not allowed.
  2. Please allow 10 business days from the day of submission for the IACUC administration/Attending veterinarian to review the transfer request and provide a response.
  3. The transferring PI will continue to be responsible for the per diem charges until the transfer is completed.
  4. LAR will provide the new cage cards and complete the transfer after the IACUC approval.

Submit Transfer Form