Words from former LSAMP members

Amna Adam

The informative environment created by LSAMP raised my awareness about the resources and opportunities available within my department and the university. Utilizing the resources and taking advantage of the opportunities helped me decide on a career path. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Mississippi and having participated in an undergraduate research under the mentorship of Dr. David P. Rotella has greatly influenced this pursuit.
-Amna Adam, Class of 2015

Daniel Flores

Getting involved with LSAMP gave me a sense of community that helped me grow as an undergraduate. I was also provided with an ample amount of leadership opportunities, where I was able to give back through tutoring, and being a mentor to a group of LSAMP underclassman. In doing so, I provided both guidance and advice derived from my experiences at MSU.
-Daniel Flores, Class of 2014

Rabih Balilli working in a dentist's office

Goals are not reached easily it comes with lots of hard work," my dad once said to me, who now lives 8000 miles away. Leaving behind my childhood life that I've been building for 18 years to come to NJ and become a dentist wasn't the easiest decision. However, with the help of proper guidance I had things go smoothly till I finally made it to Dental School. Thanks to LSAMP at MSU for giving me the opportunity to appreciate the true meaning of team work, the importance of research and finally the beauty of helping others. All the experiences and attributes I've learned through LSAMP in two years are much needed in the field of dentistry and medicine I am in today
-Rabih Balilli, Class of 2015

Diana Flores

I come from an extremely low income family. Quite frankly, I decided to pursue a higher education because I needed get a better-paying job to get out of poverty, and I was told having a degree would help me do that. That was my goal and I want to say that LSAMP helped me obtain that goal. I was a hardworking student and, through effort, can depend on myself to focus on my school work; what I needed help was with gaining experience and networking. My mentors pushed me to conduct research—as a freshman, I found this to be intimidating. However, motivated by my mentors and other LSAMP students, I was able to get involved in research that I was interested in and would continue to do so for years. LSAMP made sure to make us aware of opportunities outside of our school, especially for during the summer. I was able to land a paid research or internship position every summer since starting LSAMP. Alone, I would not have known of these opportunities to travel and work with different institutions across the nation. I mention research experience because now, as someone finally in the work force, I realize how important prior experience is when job hunting. I believe I had an easier time getting a job, as a college graduate, with my resume that contained my years of research/work experience—and work-related skills that I picked up along with it—that LSAMP always pushed me to get, rather than a resume that only contains my educational information. Alone, I would have probably pushed myself to get some form of research or work experience probably during my senior year. However, because of LSAMP, I was able to begin this process sooner. My ultimate goal as an undergraduate was to get my degrees in order to get a better paying job. The tutoring, the mentors, the leadership, and research opportunities provided by LSAMP aided me in reaching that goal.
-Diana Flores, Class of 2013