CMS Scholars Program

Through the CMS Scholars Program, you will work on projects related to creativity in STEM and expand your experiences in your fields. The CMS Scholars program is a research-based program that will help you apply principles learned in other courses and projects.

STEM and non-STEM majors are welcome!


fun experiment in the hallway

Benefits gained from being a CMS Scholar:

  • Teamwork
  • Advisement
  • Preparation for research
  • Teamwork with peers from other majors
  • Access to faculty mentors
  • Internships
  • Experience for graduate school and industry
  • Department recognition

measuring elastic

What does being a CMS Scholar Mean?

  • Participate in discussions and problem solving tasks to develop, invent and use creative approaches to solve problems from your courses
  • Identify a question that interests you for research and approach the question in creative ways.
  • Develop the process over solution while exploring.
  • Work both individually and in teams on projects
  • Participate in a culminating symposium

Apply to be a CMS Scholar