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Students in Math 106 participated in a final exam experience connecting creativity, mathematics, and their personal interests. Before the tree was revealed, students were asked to think and write about how mathematics connected to their career interest, major, hobby, and personal social justice interest. Students wrote key words and sentences on leaves. The tree was then revealed and the students posted each of their leaves on the appropriate branch. The branches represented traits identified as being “creative”. These include the ability to

  1. connect ideas
  2. see similarities and differences
  3. have flexibility
  4. have aesthetic taste
  5. be unorthodox
  6. be motivated
  7. be inquisitive
  8. convince others of the values of one’s ideas

Then, in heterogeneous groups, students discussed the six books they had read over the semester. These books were books about mathematics written for the general audience and were selected because they make connections between mathematics, history and creativity. The groups added leaves to the tree that summarized their conversations and the overarching themes that connected the books to one another. These leaves are the ones you see with a number on them (representing the students’ group numbers). Finally, the students participated in a whole-group discussion about the nature of mathematics and added their ideas on the main trunk of the tree on yellow post-its, intended to represent the bark of the creativi-tree. Investing in creativity.

MATH-106 Descriptive Collage