Research Article by Math Faculty Awarded Best of 2013

Amir H. Golnabi, along with colleagues at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, received the Moses & Sylvia Greenfield Award

The 2014 Moses & Sylvia Greenfield Award was awarded to:

  1. Paul M. Meaney 
  2. Amir H. Golnabi 
  3. Neil R. Epstein 
  4. Shireen D. Geimer
  5. Margaret W. Fanning 
  6. John B. Weaver 
  7. Keith D. Paulsen 
for their article Integration of microwave tomography with magnetic resonance for improved breast imaging. This award is given to the best article other than Radiation Dosimetry published in Medical Physics that year, The article was published in September of 2013.