MSU and Princeton researchers receive 1 million NSF grant to investigate methods to detect and circumvent Internet censorship systems.

The collaborative NSF award is for 3 years totaling $1,040,850 titled, "A LinguisticallyÔÇÉInformed Approach for Measuring and Circumventing Internet Censorship."

Chris Leberknight (MSU) and Anna Feldman (MSU) with assistance from Prateek Mittal (Princeton) and Mung Chiang (Purdue) received the award in September 2017.

The project explores a linguistically-informed approach and system for measuring and mitigating Internet censorship. The MSU/Princeton team will investigate mechanisms to measure Internet censorship by leveraging Active Sensing and NLP techniques to identify limitations with automated mechanisms, such as keyword filtering, across multiple modes of communication such as email, SMS and web (social media/networks).