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Making Rainforest Connections To Classrooms Around The World

Dr. Jacalyn Giacalone Willis, founding director of Professional Resources in Science and Mathematics (PRISM), is an international innovator – and media star – featured in programs produced by the likes of Animal Planet and the Smithsonian Channel.

Technology connects a laboratory island of Panama with the academy of the world

The island, which is part of the Barro Colorado National Monument, was previously an elevation of 171 meters, but it lost almost 30 meters when the waters of the Chagres River were dammed and the artificial lake Gatún was formed, feeding the interoceanic waterway.

Greg Willis sets a camera trap to census animal populations.

PRISM Rainforest Connection and Ocelot Conservation Project Work to Save Big Cats in Panama

Dr. Jackie Giacalone Willis (PRISM) and her husband Greg Willis, place 26+ spy cameras on one of the island's paths to get shots of wild animals in the depths of a tropical forest.

Live from Panama to Classrooms Around the World – It’s Rainforest Connection

Since 2003, PRISM’s Rainforest Connection project has linked classrooms with researchers and educators at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama with students, teachers and experts in countries such as the United States, Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, Kenya and Thailand.

Monica Taylor, an associate professor at Montclair State University, introduces the teachers participating in the Wipro Science Educator Fellowship program during the June 7 board of education meeting. PHOTO BY ERIN ROLL/STAFF

Montclair Science Teachers Take Part In Wipro Fellowship Program

The first group of teachers has completed the three-year cycle, and were honored with special awards during the June 7 Montclair BOE meeting.

PRISM Director research featured on Smithsonian Channel documentary

Dr. Jacalyn Willis will detail her experiences on the island of Barro Colorado in the Panama Canal on an upcoming episode of Mysteries of the Rainforest.

Jacalyn and Gregory Willis.

PRISM Director in the News

First Picture of Jaguar on Barro Colorado Island, Panama!

La foto de un jaguar

N.J. Scientists Capture First Photo of Elusive Panama Jaguar

Jackie and Greg Willis, Montclair State University

The first photo taken of a jaguar, Panthera onca, on the Barro Colorado Island, in Panama.

First Jaguar Photo taken at Smithsonian Research Station in Panama