Computer Science

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Sirawar Matin, left, and Iffat Siddiqi, center, celebrate their UPitchNJ prize with Prof. Jason Frasca.

Junior Computer Science major part of winning team in pitch competition

Iffat Siddiqi, Computer Science, and Sirawar Matin, Athletic Training, invented specialized slippers that use augmented reality and interactive games to entice children to be active.

Dr. Leberknight and Dr. Feldman receive NSF grant

The NSF awarded the faculty for their project titled: A Linguistically-Informed Approach for Measuring and Circumventing Internet Censorship

Montclair State Researchers Awarded NSF STEM +Computing Grant

Project to integrate computational and mathematical thinking into earth and environmental science teaching

MSU and Princeton researchers receive 1 million NSF grant to investigate methods to detect and circumvent Internet censorship systems.

The collaborative NSF award is for 3 years totaling $1,040,850 titled, "A LinguisticallyÔÇÉInformed Approach for Measuring and Circumventing Internet Censorship."

Computer Science Faculty Earn Best Paper Recognition at International Conference

Ms. Aliva Pradhan & Dr. Aparna Varde from our Computer Science Dept. were recognized for their published paper: "Ontology Based Meta Knowledge Extraction with Semantic Web Tools for Ubiquitous Computing"

Students Learn AI and Programming Concepts with Puzzle Game

Dr. Aparna Varde used Towers of Hanoi to demonstrate Inductive Learning and Recursive Programming concepts to Students in the HONP210 Class.

Computer Science Faculty Publishes Book

Bioinformatics Database Systems By Kevin Byron, Katherine G. Herbert, Jason T. L. Wang; CRC Press

Connecting to Lee & Turing Servers

Connecting from on and off campus using tunneling, putty, and vnc