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Mike Peters

Aline in the lab when she was a student here at MSU

Biology Alumni Spotlight - Aline de Oliveira '09 '11

Now at Johnson & Johnson, Aline studied here, then was advised by a fellow alum earning her Ph.D at Seton Hall.

Technology connects a laboratory island of Panama with the academy of the world

The island, which is part of the Barro Colorado National Monument, was previously an elevation of 171 meters, but it lost almost 30 meters when the waters of the Chagres River were dammed and the artificial lake Gatún was formed, feeding the interoceanic waterway.

Geography alum talks about her journey and the significance of Black History Month

Danielle Prioleau, class of 2010, is profiled in A Day in the Life, a segment highlighting the employees of Emergenct Managment in NYC.

Student Profile: Dena Restaino

Doctoral student pursues a life-long marine biology passion

Greg Willis sets a camera trap to census animal populations.

PRISM Rainforest Connection and Ocelot Conservation Project Work to Save Big Cats in Panama

Dr. Jackie Giacalone Willis (PRISM) and her husband Greg Willis, place 26+ spy cameras on one of the island's paths to get shots of wild animals in the depths of a tropical forest.

Chemistry Professor Cancer Free for 30 Years

Dr. Mark Whitener, Chemistry and Biochemistry, presented a talk in honor of being 30 years cancer free!

Live from Panama to Classrooms Around the World – It’s Rainforest Connection

Since 2003, PRISM’s Rainforest Connection project has linked classrooms with researchers and educators at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama with students, teachers and experts in countries such as the United States, Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, Kenya and Thailand.

Renewable & Innovative Sustainability Entrepreneurs

Students create new RISE Innovation Lab to support sustainable concepts and ideas

Marine Biology Master's student takes flight researching with drones

Lauren O’Neil and Dr. Amy Ferdinand are conducting a study at a pond located in Byram Township in Sussex County, where Lauren is studying the biology of a species of freshwater clam.

Geoscience Alum Describes His Experience as a Paleontology Intern

Matthew Ferlicchi knew he had a passion for fossils and understanding life's past after his experience earning his Master's here at Montclair which lead him to an internship in Death Valley.