Capacity Building Grant

Project Summary

The goal of the Noyce @ Montclair: Preparing the Effective Elementary Mathematics Teacher (PE2MT) Scholarship Program is to provide exemplary preparation to 30 students for effective elementary mathematics teaching in classrooms in New Jersey’s high-need K-12 schools. These students will obtain an undergraduate degree in mathematics along with a K-6 elementary teaching certificate by engaging in an innovative program featuring experiences beyond coursework that were developed as part of our Noyce Capacity Building Grant.

Program Goals. The program goals are as follows:

  1. To Recruit High-Quality Preservice Elementary Teachers for Effective Mathematics Teaching.
  2. To Prepare High-Quality Preservice Elementary Teachers for a Career of Effective Mathematics Teaching in a High-Need School.
  3. To Promote the Retention of High-Quality Elementary Math Teachers in High-Need Schools.

Broader Impact

The broader impacts of this project stem from its stated purpose, which is to recruit, prepare, and retain high-quality elementary mathematics teachers with particular capacities, not only for the engagement and cultivation of students’ STEM interests and aptitudes, but also for additional school- and district-based leadership opportunities such as professional mentoring, conducting professional development, presenting at conferences, developing curriculum, and influencing policy. Accordingly, this project broadens participation to under-represented groups in mathematics by recruiting new elementary mathematics teachers to the profession, providing them with extraordinary preparation experiences, and placing them in the schools where they are needed most. Finally, the elementary teacher preparation program developed for this project is unique in its design and can therefore serve as a potential model for other programs seeking to prepare pre-service teachers for effective elementary mathematics teaching in high-need schools.