Student Work

Erell Germia with her poster at the 2017 SRSIn Spring 2017, Erell Feb Germia, presented the research project she designed during the MATH740 class on “Technology for Education in Mathematics” at the Annual Student Research Symposium.

Title: Exploring angles dynamically using Geometer’s Sketchpad

Students from the Learning Trajectories in Mathematics Education class presented their project at the Student Research Symposium at Montclair State University on Sunday April 26th, 2015.

Debasmita Basu with her poster at the Student Research Symposium

"This learning trajectory is a conjecture of how students’ reasoning of classifying quadrilaterals develops over time. Building on this knowledge, our aim is to help students in distinguishing between defining and non-defining attributes of shapes, and to create definitions of shapes by focusing on their defining attributes. By exploring different definitions, students will gradually recognize relationships between shapes and begin to classify them in a hierarchy. My next step, is to design clinical interviews with students to test out this conjecture and modify the tasks and the learning trajectory according to the students’ reasoning." -Debasmita Basu

Trina Wooten with her poster at the Student Research Symposium

"This poster presents my work-in-progress for developing a hypothetical learning trajectory describing K-5 students’ 3D shapes reasoning over time. The hypothetical learning trajectory focuses on distinguishing between different types of 3D shapes based on their properties and utilizing spatial vocabulary. It also presents examples of the tasks at each level, which I designed for conducting clinical interviews to refine the trajectory." -Trina Wooten