About Us

What is PRISM

Professional Resources In Sciences and Mathematics, located at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning, is a program that serves school districts to improve science and mathematics teaching. PRISM scientists, educators, and classroom teachers are content area specialists in curriculum, professional development, and pedagogy. PRISM programs emphasize inquiry-based and constructivist teaching strategies, ad instructional uses of technology to improve student outcomes in science and mathematics.

What is the mission of PRISM?

PRISM staff members work closely with administrators in diverse districts. The goal is the design of professional development programs that are strong in content and standards-based teaching.

What services are provided by PRISM?

  • Exemplary curricula endorsed by the National Science Foundation
  • Summer institutes that model best practices
  • Constructivist lesson design
  • Inquiry-based and problem-solving approaches
  • Planning programs to aid implementation
  • Videoconference programs with scientists
  • School team development
  • School year in-service programs
  • Web-site support and distance learning

Our instructional staff at PRISM:


STEM Educators

Christopher Hunninghake  Science chunninghake@yahoo.com
Karen Woodruff Science woodruffk2@montclair.edu
Jean Myers Science jeanmyers@outlook.com
Joanne Kornoelje Science kornoeljejc@gmail.com

Our administrative staff at PRISM:

located in the BMS Center for Science Teaching and Learning
(Blanton Hall)
973-655-4430 (fax)