How to Use the Rainforest Connection

The Rainforest Connection is more than just a month-long conversation by e- mail between a scientist and students. For some classes it became a way of life, an armchair journey to an exotic place, and the opening of doors to local explorations in ecology and environmental science. Sometimes this great potential is not immediately obvious. Or life is too full of other pressing concerns, so thinking out strategies to use yet another resource can be a burden. We'd like to help you out. The following sections are a collection of ideas to help teachers get the most out of the Rainforest Connection (RFC). Teachers using RFC materials have developed a great variety of approaches that:

  • integrate rainforest lessons into existing curriculum,
  • support the development of basic skills,
  • give students real reasons to think and communicate, and
  • provide a unifying theme that supports understandings of the "big picture" in science, while also impacting positively on many curricular areas.

We hope that this sharing of plans will enable you to implement a rainforest unit easily, and that you and your students will enjoy it. Please send us your lesson ideas, if you would like to share them with other teachers.


Rainforest Unit Plan