The Rainforest Connection

One 60 minute session


  • world map
  • globe
  • atlases
  • think pads
  • Rainforest Connection messages from previous years


  • Generate ideas.
  • Formulate reasonable questions and communicate ideas effectively.


  1. Present the following scenario to the class: We're about to travel to a place found nowhere else in the world. It's filled with alien invertebrates, poisonous frogs, flowers without stems and trees that strangle. It's splashed with colors, saturated with dense, heavy air, and pulsing with life. It's filled with a symphony of sounds and the eerie stillness of a haunted castle. It slithers, it crawls, it pounces, it attacks. It's both life and death for hundreds of thousands of organisms every day. It's a magical, mysterious place, where you can see an algae-covered sloth slowly pull its way through a clump of overhanging branches, or hear the roar of a howler monkey echo through the treetops as it claims its territory. So put on your hiking boots , zip up your waterproof jacket, grab your binoculars - we're about to make some incredible discoveries as we embark on our virtual reality trek to the forests of BCI with Dr. Willis.
  2. Students will list all the topics they remember learning about from Dr. Willis last year while she was in Panama.
  3. Student teams will share lists and create team list.
  4. Whole class share, recording list.
  5. Students will choose one topic they remember learning from Dr. Willis and write as completely as they can about it in their learning logs for 10 minutes.
  6. Student teams will Reflective Share entries.
  7. One student from each team will share entry with the class and classmates will respond with a summary, compliment, and question for each person.
  8. Each team will receive a different message previously published by Dr. Willis to read and report on to the class. (Reading strategy - stop after every paragraph to say and write something learned from the paragraph.)
  9. Student teams will report to classmates. Listening teams will take notes.
  10. Students will add one more paragraph to learning log entry about something new they learned from the Rainforest Connection.

NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards: Science 5.6, 5.7, 5.12; Language Arts 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.