Responses to Mrs. Macht's Class

Dear students from Mrs. Macht's class:
Thanks for your messages, and here are some responses in brackets:

Dear Dr. Willis,
You must feel awesome to be back in the cozy, creepy rainforest of BCI. When Mrs. Macht read the letter you sent you seemed to be very happy to be back there. Yesterday we saw a film all about Panama and Mrs. Macht has read three different books to us about rainforests. I am really curious to learn more about the birds on the island, especially toucans. By the way, is the food there any good? I hope you have an awesome time.

[Dear Vince: Thanks for your interest in toucans. They are favorites of mine too. They are hard to see in the forest because they stay up high in the canopy where they eat fruits on the tops of trees. As for the food here: Panamanian food is great, and I love fried plantains and fresh seafood!]

Dear Dr. Willis,
I am trying to choose a research project about snakes. Do you have any recommendations? What's the biggest poisonous snake on BCI?
Your friend,

[Konrad: The biggest poisonous snake on BCI is the Fer-de-lance. We wrote about one last year, if you want to check Mrs. Macht's notebook of old RFC entries.]

Dear Dr. Willis,
Our class is doing an Independent Investigative Research project
(IIM) related to rainforests. I chose to focus on the layers of the forest. Mrs. Macht said it was a good topic, but too big. Do you have any recommendations how I could narrow the focus of my topic? I can't wait to hear your reply and suggestions! Mrs. Macht's student,

[Keli: Why don't you focus on the canopy of the forest and the animals that live there, such as monkeys and sloths and so on. You could work on what's so special about the canopy environment(what are the stresses and advantages?) and what adaptations animals have to live there.]

Dear Dr. Willis,
We hope you are having a great time in Panama. As you may know, Kelly and I are doing a little rainforest research for Mrs. Macht's science class. We were wondering, what species of coatimundi is found on BCI? That's our topic! We hope to hear from you soon.
Rachel S.

[The white-nosed coati is on BCI- see the species account.]

Dear Dr. Willis,
Greetings from Mrs. Macht's Shooting Stars. We are extremely excited to be a part of the rainforest Connection. We wonder, what is it like to live in Panama for a month? It must be awesome! And to have created your own web site! Wow! We were especially impressed with all the information we found about squirrels. Doesn't it hurt the squirrels when you pierce their ears with tags? We read your latest letter and enjoyed it. Please write to us more often.
Your friends,
The Shooting Stars

[Yes, it is awesome to be on BCI, but another month would be better. The squirrels are under anesthesia when we handle them, so they don't feel the tag being put in their ear, and it heals quickly.]