Student's Mail from Mrs. Macht's 4th Graders

Dear Dr. Willis,

Greetings from Mrs. Macht's science class. We hope your work is going well. We loved your first journal entry. It had so many interesting facts and details. We were wondering, have you ever slept outside overnight to get more information on certain animals? How much longer will you be staying on BCI this season? We look forward to hearing from you and reading your future journal entries.

Monkey Madness
Veronica, Kelly, Crystal, Dominic, Sunil 

Dear Dr. Willis,

We very much enjoyed the first journal entry you sent this week. We especially enjoyed your description of the animals you saw at night on BCI. How are you doing? We're doing fine and are excited about being involved with RFC and conducting research on rainforests. We miss you and hope to see you soon.

Your friends,
The Powerful Paradise Parrots
Rachel, Emily, Ram, Nicholas, Rachel 

Dear Dr. Willis,

Hello from Mrs. Macht's Science Straight A Brainiacs! We just read the message you sent about a starry night on BCI and all the animals you found. We especially loved reading about the kinkajous and coatimundis. They both seem so interesting and cool. We can't wait to see you in February and hear all about your research. We are doing well in school and especially in science.

We miss you,
Ashlyn, Rae, Joey, David 

Dear Dr. Willis,

Greetings from the Tropical Classroom of Mrs. Macht's! How are you? Well, we hope. Wow! We are really enthusiastic about participating in RFC and were so impressed to read about how many animals you saw on your night walk. We think RFC is a great program and we're glad you got us involved. We've been talking and wondering about a few different things. Have you ever seen an animal you couldn't identify? What are the most rare animals you might find in the trees at night? Is the kinkajou named for the sneezing noise it makes? If you got stabbed by a scorpion, what would the consequences be? We hope you weren't too bothered by all of our questions. By the way, if you see any toucans, please take a picture and send it to our team in Mrs. Macht's classroom. 

Have a Toucanily Day!

Your friends,
The Tropical Toucans
Mary, Ingrid, Michael, Michael, Kristyna

Dear Dr. Willis,

We are very excited to be a part of the Rainforest Connection. It is so interesting to read about the rainforest, the plants that grow there and the animals that live there. The journal entry you sent this week was filled with lots of figurative language and details. (You should be a writer!) You see the strangest animals in the rainforest! Do you ever get scared if you find an animal you can't recognize? We are delighted to read about you and your adventures.

Your friends,
The Mighty Mice
Dana, Alyssa, Michael, Kat, & Nick 

Dear Dr. Willis,

Greetings from Mrs. Macht's super stars! We really like the RFC project and especially enjoyed the part in your journal entry about the black scorpion. How did you feel when you saw his claw over your head? We hope you're having a wonderful time in Panama. We miss you.

Your friends,
The Sliding Seals
Kim, Vincent, Kathryn, Julia, & Konrad

Dear Dr. Willis,

Greetings from the Jazzy Jaguars! We think the RFC is very cool and feel so lucky to be participating in it. Are there children from different countries around the world participating also? We think you are AMAZING!!!! Did you FREAK OUT when you saw the scorpion?? Was it a boy or a girl? We are looking forward to reading more entries from you next week!

The Jazzy Jaguars
Jenna, Angela, Jonathan, and Dan

Dear Dr. Willis,

We were so excited to read the letter you sent this week. We thought it was cool you saw a new creature in the forest on your night walk. What did that feel like? The Rainforest Connection is such an educational, fun way to learn about rainforests. We love the web site; your entries there are so interesting. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Your friends,
The Midget Monkeys
Andy, Samantha, Randy, Lauren, Dillon

Hola Dr. Willis!

Buenos Dias! How does it feel to be back on BCI in Panama? What's your alarm clock, a radio or the animals? We were very interested in all the animals you wrote about in your letter, especially the scorpion. We were also enthusiastic about the pictures on your web site. We like the way you put the web site together, with a mix of journal entries, animal profiles, scientist biographies, and photographs. Very nice! We can't wait to read your next response.

Hasta luego,

The Multiplication Table
Keli Lynn, Erin, Nicholas, Deanna, and Vince

P.S. Hope you're having a great time!