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LSAMP Members, Scholars and Mentors

The LSAMP program is made up of members, scholars, and mentors. A student is eligible to be a mentor after successfully completing a scholar experience, and a scholar must first be a general member. The requirements for each classification are specified below.

Joining LSAMP as a General Member

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  • Members must be full-time undergraduate students in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) major.
  • Members must be US citizens or permanent residents
  • Members must be from underrepresented STEM populations including:
    • American Indians
    • Alaskan Natives
    • African Americans
    • Hispanic/Latinos
    • Pacific Islanders

Why become a General Member?

Join a community of individuals who share your goal of striving for excellence in your chosen STEM profession.
Attend exclusive meetings that hone your professional skills with advice and help for scholarship and internship applications and resume development.
Get personal advising focused on preparing applications to doctoral programs in STEM disciplines.
Participate in faculty-directed research and present that research at a state-wide research meeting exclusively for LSAMP students.
Receive mentorship as you start your academic career.
Later in your career, you will have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to future LSAMP students.
Gain access to financial resources that support your research endeavors, both domestic and international. As a participant in the program, you also qualify for the Bridge to the Doctorate (B2D) program that provides a generous annual stipend for your first two years of doctoral work.

Apply for Membership Any Time

LSAMP Scholars

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Students who are general members can apply for a stipend of $1800 over two semesters or a summer. The stipend cannot be renewed. The award is based upon academic promise and associated criteria. The awarded stipend requires that the student:

  1. Conduct independent research with a faculty mentor, both aspects are required on the application.
  2. Attend weekly meetings with peers and monthly LSAMP general meetings.
  3. Maintain academic excellence in STEM coursework.
  4. Present research at the annual state-wide research meeting in the Fall following acceptance.

Sophomore and Junior level students are especially encouraged to apply.

Can I apply for a Scholar Award?

  1. Are you a general member of LSAMP?
  2. Have you completed at least one semester of coursework at MSU as a STEM major?
  3. Do you have a basic idea of a research project?
  4. Have you found a Faculty mentor with whom you can conduct independent research?

Apply to be a Scholar

LSAMP Mentors

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Students who were awarded LSAMP Scholar stipends can apply for a stipend of $2000 over two semesters. The award is based upon academic promise and associated criteria. The awarded stipend requires that the student:

  1. Serve as a mentor to LSAMP Scholars and General Members.
  2. Arrange and attend weekly meetings with Scholars and General Members.
  3. Attend general LSAMP meetings monthly.
  4. Maintain academic excellence in STEM coursework.
  5. Attend the state-wide research meeting in the Fall with the expectation you will present research.

Can I apply for a Mentor Award?

  1. Did you successfully complete an LSAMP Scholar experience?
  2. Have you maintained academic excellence in your STEM coursework?

Applying for the LSAMP Mentor Award

Applications for LSAMP Mentor Awards are due the second week of the Fall semester.