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Grant Goals and Impacts

Intellectual Merit

Montclair State University has a respected reputation for preparing teachers. We have extensive experience recruiting, preparing and supporting pre-service teachers to work effectively in diverse school settings. The PE2MT Scholarship Program intends to produce 30 new elementary mathematics teachers prepared to teach in high-need NJ schools. Building on the University’s reputation, these teachers will have graduated from a uniquely enhanced degree program. Participants engage in pedagogically, psychologically and epistemologically professional development experiences in conjunction with their mathematics and education coursework requirements.

The PE2MT project is expanding our understanding of pre-service teachers’ preparedness to teach mathematics at the elementary level. Our research focuses on this period due to its significance in developing a foundation of mathematical knowledge. This project provides new opportunities to investigate how teachers’ cultural, community and pedagogical content knowledge (Gay, 2010; Moll et al., 1992; Shulman, 1987) develops as they learn to teach mathematics for the diversity of elementary classrooms. Additionally we examine the affect advanced mathematical concepts learned pursuing a baccalaureate degree in mathematics has on teaching elementary mathematics.

Project Summary

What is goal of the Noyce @ Montclair: Preparing the Effective Elementary Mathematics Teacher (PE2MT) Scholarship Program? To provide 30 students exemplary preparation for effective elementary mathematics teaching in New Jersey’s high-need K-12 classrooms. Participating students will obtain an undergraduate degree in mathematics along with a K-6 elementary teaching certificate. They will engage in an innovative program featuring experiences specially developed as part of our Noyce Capacity Building Grant.

Program Goals

  1. To Recruit High-Quality Preservice Elementary Teachers for Effective Mathematics Teaching.
  2. To Prepare High-Quality Preservice Elementary Teachers for a Career of Effective Mathematics Teaching in a High-Need School.
  3. To Promote the Retention of High-Quality Elementary Math Teachers in High-Need Schools.

Broader Impact

The project’s broader impacts stem from its stated purpose, recruitment, preparation and retention of high-quality elementary mathematics teachers. These teachers have particular capacities. First, the ability to engage and cultivate students’ STEM interests and aptitudes. Also, the willingness to participate in both school- and district-based leadership opportunities. These opportunities include professional mentoring, conducting professional development, presenting at conferences, developing curriculum and influencing policy. Accordingly, this project broadens participation to under-represented groups in mathematics by recruiting new elementary mathematics teachers to the profession. This provides them with extraordinary preparation experiences, and placing them in the schools where they are needed most. Finally, the elementary teacher preparation program developed for this project is unique in its design. This project can be modeled by programs preparing pre-service teachers for effective elementary mathematics teaching in high-need schools.


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