Environmental Science class

Seminar Exchange Program

The College of Science and Mathematics is home to over 100 professors from top-tier colleges and universities around the world. Our faculty, who span five disciplinary departments, bring an unmatched commitment to scholarship, research, mentorship and classroom excellence.

The challenges we face today as scientists and educators are enormously complex. Within the College of Science and Mathematics, we recognize this remarkable complexity and believe it is imperative to speed the connection of new knowledge among academic institutions as a primary means of fostering advanced research, cultivating tomorrow’s leading researchers, and finding solutions to society’s most vexing challenges.

In an effort to advance the sharing of research, a number of our research-active faculty make themselves available each year to speak on a broad range of research topics of interest to their counterparts at many of the area’s leading academic institutions.

Issues of the Environment

Issues of the Environment

Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld
Larsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctic (LARISSA) Program: An International Polar Year Project Along the Antarctic Peninsula
Understanding the Mars Magnetic Anomalies Using Experimental Petrology and Rock Magnetism
Dr. Mark Chopping
Mapping Carbon: Canopy Biomass From Spaceborne Multiangle Imagers
Dr. Yang Deng
Nanomaterials for Groundwater Cleanup
Management of Landfill Leachate to Prevent Groundwater Pollution
Dr. Huan Feng
Urban Estuarine and Coastal Environmental Study
Dr. Josh Galster
Hurricane Sandy Storm Surge Damage and the Legacy of Development On Historical Marshes
The Impact of An Invasive Plant Species, Japanese Knotweed, On Our Water Resources
Dr. Matt Gorring
Ridge Collision Tectonics and Volcanism In the Southern Patagonian Andes
Late Ottawan Ductile Shearing and Granitoid Emplacement In the Hudson Highlands, New York
Dr. Mike Kruge
Pollution In Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal – Insights From An Environmental Forensics Approach
Dr. Pankaj Lal
Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services and natural capital for informed decision-making
Bioenergy tradeoffs and sustainability: Can we use forest and agricultural biomass to displace fossil fuels?
Dr. Jessica Miller
Human-Environment Interaction, Sustainability, Environmental Justice
Dr. Kevin K. Olsen
Can a City of 5 Million People Recycle 60% of Its Organic Food Waste? Lessons From New York In 1910
The Search For Clean Water, Employing the Cutting Edge Analytical Technology of 1876
The Net Men and the Anglers: Conflicts Over Commercial and Recreational Fishing In Jamaica Bay 1890-1904
Dr. Duke Ophori
A Computer Analysis of Some Effects of Groundwater Pumping On the Environment – Passaic River Basin, New Jersey
Dr. Sandra Passchier
Impact of a warming ocean on the polar ice sheet system: insights from sea-bed drilling near Antarctica
Dr. Greg Pope
Deterioration of archaeological stone
Fire’s Impact On Soils: In Search of Pyrosols
Dr. Robert Taylor
How Can Cities Be Made More Sustainable?
Dr. William Thomas
The Forest Stewards Project: Conserving Wild Lands and the Cultures That Have Shaped Them In New Guinea
Dr. Dirk Vanderklein
Japanese Knotweed: It Sucks More Than You Realize
Dr. Danlin Yu
What Is GIS? Analyzing Regressed Relationships With Geographic Data: Varying vs. Constant Relationships
Computational, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Computational, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Dr. Lora Billings
The Prediction and Control of Disease Spread: New Insights From Stochastic Models
Dr. Jonathan Cutler
Trees Through Specified Vertices (Graph Theory) Entropy Applications In Combinatorics
Dr. Marc Favata
Observing the Dark Side of the Universe: the Search for Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
Constraining the Equation of State of Neutron Stars
The Gravitational-Wave Memory Effect
Analytic Modeling Techniques in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
Observing Love, Memory, and Recoil with Gravitational Waves
Dr. Eileen Fernandez
Online Education In Mathematics: Exploring New Methods In the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Dr. Eric Forgoston
Noise-Induced Rare Events – Switching, Escape, and Extinction in Stochastic ODEs
Quantifying Material Transport in Geophysical Flows
Dr. Amir Golnabi
Adjunct Mathematics Instructor Resources and Support: Improving Undergraduate Precalculus Teaching and Learning Experience (Joint project with Dr. Eileen Murray)
Microwave Imaging for Biomedical Applications
Dr. Steven Greenstein
Children’s Topological Thinking
Children’s Topological Thinking
Making in Mathematics Education
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Dr. Katherine Herbert
Bioinformatics, Phylogenetics and Medicinal Chemistry: Using Interdisciplinary Science to Help In the Drug Discovery Process
Dr. Mark Hubey
Measurement, Assessment, Benchmarks, Rubrics and All That
Why Almost All Jobs Must be Boring
Dr. Aihua Li
Tracing Space Points – A View of Discrete Time Series Modeling
Projects That Encourage Students to Talk/Write About Mathematics
Montclair State University REU Programs In Mathematics
Discrete Sturm-Liouville Problems With Nonlinear Parameter In the Boundary Conditions Symbolic Powers of Radical Ideals
Dr. Mika Munakata
Creativity In Math and Science (Joint presentation with Dr. Ashuwin Vaidya)
Dr. Bogdan Nita
An Inverse Scattering Algorithm for Imaging and Inversion of Seismic Data
Dr. Jing Peng
Discriminant Learning Analysis: A Robust Approach to Dimensionality Reduction
Dr. Stephen Robila
Spectral Imaging Applications
Dr. Haiyan Su
Semi-Parametric Hybrid Empirical Likelihood Inference for Two Sample Comparison With Censored Data
Dr. Ashwin Vaidya
Paradoxes In Fluid Mechanics
Oscillations, Flutter and Autorotation: Experiments and Theory In Fluid-Solid Interaction
The Fluid Mechanics of the Human Eye
Creativity In Math and Science (Joint presentation with Dr. Mika Munakata)
Dr. Aparna Varde
Time-Aware Query Translation for Terminology Evolution In Text
Dr. Dajin Wang
High-Speed Ligand-GPCR Docking Using Cluster Computers
Chemical Sciences and Life Sciences

Chemical Sciences and Life Sciences

Dr. Paul Bologna
Assessment of Seagrass Community Structure In New Jersey
Sea Nettles, a Stinging Sensation
Dr. Jaclyn Catalano
Structure and Dynamics of Lead Carboxylates Found in Traditional Oil Paintings
Palmitic Acid: Substrate for Cytochrome P450 BM-3 and Reagent for Soap Formation in Oil Paintings
Dr. Ann Marie DiLorenzo
Cultured Cells and Their Uses in Research: Effects of World Trade Center Dust On Cells Grown in Culture
Dr. Chunguang Du
Helitron – A New Transposable Element Reshaping the Eukaryotic Genome Evolution Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks Using Integrated Computational Analysis Methods
Dr. Hendrik Eshuis
Is Excited NO2 a Source of HONO In the Troposphere?
Molecular Properties From the Random Phase Approximation
An Efficient and Accurate Electronic Structure Method
Dr. Jack Gaynor
Toxins, Tentacles, and DNA: The Sea Nettles of Barnegat Bay
Dr. Yvonne Gindt
Using Thermodynamics to Understand How a DNA Repair Enzyme Finds the Needle (Damaged DNA) In the Haystack (Undamaged DNA)
Dr. Nina Goodey
Enzyme Acrobatics – Relationship Between Protein Motion and Catalysis
Prediction of Residues Involved In Inhibitor Specificity In the Dihydrofolate Reductase Family
Dr. Reginald Halaby
Effects of a Chinese Herb on Apoptosis In Human Breast and Prostate Cancer Cells
Dr. Lisa Hazard
Desert Tortoise Conservation: The Roles of Juvenile Tortoise Behavior and Physiology
Salty Sneezes: Interspecific Variation In Control of the Nasal Salt Glands of Lizards
Surviving Salt: Impact of Road Deicers On New Jersey Amphibians
Dr. Scott Kight
Arthropod Parental Care: Do They Make Good Decisions?
Dr. Jennifer Krumins
Embracing the Good: When Negative Interactions Turn Positive In Soil
Dr. Robert Meredith
Mammalian Phylogeny and the Molecular Decay of Enamel Genes
Dr. Carlos Molina
A Transgenic Mouse Model for Hyperovulation
Regulation of a Transcriptional Repressor By Phosphorylation, Ubiquitination and Subcellular Localization
Regulation of a Transcriptional Repressor By Transcriptional and Post-Translational Mechanisms
Gene Expression In Ovulation
Dr. Elena Petroff
Ion Channels and Brain Function
Dr. David Rotella
A Dual Target Approach for Treatment of Schizophrenia
Dr. Hans Schelvis
DNA Repair With Light: New Insight Into the DNA Repair Mechanism of DNA Photolyase
Dr. John Siekierka
Drugs for Globally Neglected Diseases: Parasite Protein Kinases as Drug Targets in filarial parasites, leishmania and malaria
Dr. David Talaga
Protein Free Energy Landscapes Modulated By Ligand Binding: What a Little Sugar Can Do
Information Theoretical Analysis and Hidden Markov Modeling of Single Molecule Conformational Dynamics
Free Energy Landscapes of Amyloidogenic Protein Aggregation
Protein Unfolding During Electrophoretic Translocation Through Solid State Nanopores
Global Spectroscopic Approaches to Model Discovery In Chemical Physics
Interfacial Effects On the Amyloidogenic Aggregation of the Parkinson’s Related Protein Alpha-synuclein
Dr. Quinn Vega
Cell Signaling: Internal Cellular Responses to External Factors
Dr. Meiyin Wu
Feasibility of Ultrasonic Control for Aquatic Invasive Species Management