upward bound students in front of waterfall

Parent Leadership Action Network


The Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN) is a group of interested parents and family members who want to establish stronger communication between the families of the current and former Upward Bound Scholars, alumni and staff members. PLAN will support the mission of the Upward Bound Project in an effort to ensure that all Scholars actualize their full potential and pursue their lifelong ambitions.


Based on parent interests and skill level, the Upward Bound PLAN will work to:

  • Increase student, institution and community interest by establishing priorities to support the Upward Bound Scholars, families and staff.
  • Establish innovative fundraising opportunities for the purpose of acquiring independent financial resources to be used to further program objectives, such as sponsorship for student travel opportunities with a vision to increase students’ world view.
  • Increase community relations by seeking and establishing partnerships with local religious entities, business organizations and other youth-based programs.
  • Serve as liaison between program administration, parent supporters and the Upward Bound Alumni Achievement Association.
  • Establish a foundation group to help support and nurture parent-facilitated workshops, seminars and/or other cultural activities.