Center for Quantitative Obesity Research

Mission Statement

The mission of the Montclair State University Center for Quantitative Obesity Research is to facilitate the application of quantitative methods that promote collaborative interdisciplinary research related to obesity related health issues. The Center will work closely with biomedical research institutions and external industries to advance the understanding of the underlying physiological mechanisms behind obesity related illnesses and ultimately translate research findings to clinical applications that improve the health of individual patients.

In Richardson Hall room 262 (next to the math department office) biology and nutrition students, along with Montclair State staff, have begun working to help and guide people to lose weight. For a fee of $60 for students and $80 for faculty/staff you can be a part of this new program, and make your weight loss goals a reality! Using the concepts laid out in the In the Zone article, results thus far have been nothing but successful, every member has lost weight!

Contact us at or at 973-655-3975 to learn more!


Health Calculators

Our team focuses on tracking as many precise measurements of body shape, size, and health while minimizing the burden on the weight loss participant. A central focus of our tracking devices involves building software delivering mathematical model predictions of body shape, size, and health during prescribed lifestyle interventions so individuals can:

  1. Set health related goals
  2. benchmark their progress against personalized day by day predictions. 

Many of our calculators are freely available which we list here:

For the latest news in maintaining healthy body weight