Requesting Spaces in CSAM

When classes are not in session, select rooms in CSAM buildings may be made available to other MSU and recognized MSU-affiliate and relevant external organizations for purposes that enhance the mission of CSAM and the MSU academic community. CSAM reserves the right and holds the authority to define and determine the appropriateness of all requests to use CSAM facilities, and to determine if the event may disturb university business in adjacent areas.

Room Availability

Select rooms and spaces in the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS) and the Sokol Seminar Room in Science Hall (SCIE 102) may be reserved for special events by CSAM departments, MSU departments and divisions, MSU-affiliated organizations, or relevant external organizations during regular university business hours (M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). Use of access-controlled rooms is restricted outside of regular university business hours.

The Atrium, Patio and first floor lecture rooms are available (within and outside of normal business hours) for uses external to the College of Science and Mathematics and outside the core mission of the University with appropriate facility use and rental fees as outlined in the CELS Use and Rental Policy.

Please begin by viewing availability of the spaces on 25Live! Log in with your NetID and password to view room schedules and to submit reservation requests. Once on the Location Search page, you can type in CELS to view available rooms, or type CELS and the room number (ex. CELS 120) to view a specific room. The Sokol Room can be viewed by searching for SCIE 102.

Request for Use

Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the event for the use of the CELS Atrium, CELS Patio, CELS 110 and CELS 120, and for any events taking place after university business hours or on weekends. Organizations external to MSU must submit their request by email to Andrew Wiese,, three weeks in advance to allow time for the CSAM Dean's office to review the request. A request does not imply confirmation. A follow-up message from the CSAM Dean's Office will be sent to approve or deny the request.

All requests must be submitted by the University department that is sponsoring the event. The sponsoring University department must explain how it will be involved in the event development, provide a support and management plant for the event, and must identify itself as the sponsor of the event on all publicity materials. A request does not imply confirmation. A follow-up message from the CSAM Dean's Office will be sent to approve or deny the request

External organizations whose activities enhance the core mission of the College may rent spaces available in CELS according to guidelines below. External organizations will not have access to these rentals for purposes of non-official, non-academic, or non-STEM related functions. The facility will not be used by external organizations for social, political, or religious functions. External requests can be made by emailing

Multiple requests received within a 48 hour period will be prioritized as follows:

  1. CSAM instructional, educational, or scholarship activities
  2. CSAM events, conferences, and symposia
  3. CSAM hosted meetings or other relevant CSAM gatherings
  4. MSU instructional, educational, or scholarship activities.
  5. Other internal MSU Department, College, School events
  6. MSU affiliated/sponsored events in partnership with external organization
  7. External organizations