frog climbing out of flask in lab

Laboratory Animal Resources

Animal Care and Use Program

The mission of the Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) within Laboratory Animal Resources (LAR) at Montclair State University, is to promote the humane care and use of vertebrate animals in activities conducted on behalf of the university by adhering to the ethical principles outlined in U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research and Training, The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals 8th Ed., Animal Welfare Act, and other applicable regulations and guidance. The Montclair State University Animal Care and Use Program achieve its mission by:

  • Maintaining an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to provide oversight of the Program and report findings to the Institutional Official (IO)
  • Requiring that all activities involving animal subjects receive Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approvals before research and teaching activities are initiated
  • Creating an environment at the university that promotes the ethical and humane use of animals
  • Appointing an Institutional Attending Veterinarian (AV) to oversee veterinary care for the ACUP
  • Providing professional administrative support to the university’s IACUC
  • Educating the university community about federal, state and university regulations, policies and practices pertaining to the ethical and humane use of animals
  • Conducting post-approval monitoring activities to promote compliance with the requirements of the ACUP.

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Species Status Cost per cage/day
Mouse IVC competent $1.05
Mouse IVC immunocompromised $1.15
Gerbil competent $1.45
Rat IVC competent $1.20
Rat IVC immunocompromised $1.30
Rabbit competent $3.85
Rabbit transgenic $4.00
Service Description Rate
Technician time Blood draws, restraining, surgical assistance, body weights, etc. $25.00/hr
Surgical pack Prepare and autoclave surgical packs $8.00/pack
Anesthesia Machine For surgical use, tail biopsies etc. $12.00/hr

Note: You must be actively involved with a Montclair State University research project and be listed on an approved IACUC protocol to request training.