Adjunct Educators

Each academic year we offer adjunct environmental educator positions to highly qualified individuals who have demonstrated a superior set of expertise related to the environment and education. This year we are fortunate to have Margaret Fritze as part of our teaching staff at the School of Conservation!

Margaret Fritze headshotMargaret Fritze

Margaret has been a wonderful addition to our adjunct teaching staff this year. Her background in biology, evolution and ecology, coupled with her love and expertise working with birds makes her a perfect fit at the School of Conservation.

Margaret earned her B.A. in Biology at Wittenberg University and M.S. in Ecology and Evolution from Rutgers University’s Cook College. She serves on the Council of the Eastern Bird-Banding Association and is certified by North American Banding Council to band songbirds. In 2006 she earned Rutger's Environmental Steward Certification.

Margaret spent several years studying Gray catbird morphology and ecology and for the past twelve fall seasons has watched the skies as an official counter at the Chimney Rock Hawk-Watch. She is currently conducting a research project involving Prothonotary warbler nest boxes at the Duke Farms Foundation. Margaret has worked with children as a volunteer in her sons’ schools for 20 years. Whenever possible she enjoys traveling the world in search of avian creatures great and small.