Plan Your Trip

Coordinator Resources

ornithology kids in the woods looking through binocularsIf you are interested in coordinating a trip to Montclair State University's School of Conservation, please contact Lisa Mills, Program Assistant in charge of Coordinating School Programs, to make a reservation.

There are a number of tasks that must be accomplished before coming to the School of Conservation (SOC). Use the outline and links below to start planning your trip. If you have any questions regarding your pre-trip planning, please feel free to contact Lisa at: 1-800-624-7780 and speaking "New Jersey School of Conservation" at the prompt. Alternatively, you can dial 973-948-4646 ext. 32, or email her at

Initial Steps

You will need approximately 1 adult for every 10-12 students. This adult/student ratio lends itself well to the outdoor teaching environment and to the logistics of lodging and dining.

  • Contact Coordinator of programs, Lisa Mills and make your reservations or submit a Reservation Form.
  • After you receive your contract, return it with a 10% deposit (see Rates here) and your Special Diets Form.
  • Divide your group into subgroups of approximately 12.
  • Select sessions from the Session Description Page. Our educational philosophy strongly encourages you to select at least 1 class from each of our 4 programming areas.
  • Choose and book your Evening Programs.
  • Contact the Coordinator of Programs, Lisa Mills and let her know which day sessions you have selected, what Evening Programs you have booked, and if you would like your students to shop in our Trading Post, so that she can construct a schedule for your trip and e-mail it to you.
  • The coordinator of programs will provide you with bus information should you need a bus or buses for trips off of the NJSOC campus. The bus company will invoice your school directly after the trip.

Final Steps

  • Assign 12 people (10 students and 2 adults or 11 students and 1 adult) to each table in the dining hall. Tables only have 12 seats so don't assign any more than 12, but try not to leave any seats vacant since the serving sizes from the kitchen are based on 12 at a table.
  • Assign cruisers for each meal (1 cruiser per table per meal).
  • Assign students and chaperones to cabins and/or dormitories. Cabins hold 12 students and 2 adults. The Lenape Dormitory has two wings. Each wing holds 40 students and 4 adults.
  • Require each student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) to fill out the medical forms.
  • Provide Lisa Mills, with a list of teachers who are interested in receiving NJ Professional Development credit.  Each teacher must submit a professional development form after the trip.
  • Distribute lesson plans to teachers who are being trained to provide a session.
  • Distribute schedules to teachers, chaperones, and students.