2016 Participants

  • Biology
    • Liz Pudlak
      Quantifying Impacts of Invasive Species in the Carribbean
      Mentor: Paul Bologna
    • Bianca Sanabria
      In Vitro Synergistic Antiviral Activity of Epigallocatechin Gallate-Stearate and Acyclovir on Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2
      Mentor: Sandra Adams
    • Nandini Surendranathan
      Expression and Purification of the bacteriophage protein Lysin A and Lysin B
      Mentor: Quinn Vega
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
    • Pamela Jumbo Cueva
      Understanding how a potential drug may help control the human body's molecular clock
      Mentor: Yvonne Gindt
    • Danielle Le Roux
      Contaminant Loads and Enzymatic Function in Liberty State Park Soils
      Mentor: Nina Goodey
  • Computer Science
    • Jeffrey Adamski, Jefferson Garcia, Sebastian Kufel, Tyler Sookdeo
      An Adaptive and Personalized Learning System
      Mentor: Chris Leberknight
    • Eric Svitok
      Arcade style game development
      Mentor: George Antoniou
  • Earth and Environmental
    • Christina Verhagen (First Place)
      Analysis of Pliocene core DVDP-11 for evidence of a vegetated Antarctic coastline
      Mentor: Dr. Sandra Passchier
  • Mathematics/Physics
    • Alexa Aucoin (Second Place)
      The Ping-Pong Effect: Extinction Dynamics in Stochastic Populations with Migration
      Mentor: Eric Forgoston
    • Blake Moore (Third Place)
      Gravitational Waves from Eccentric Binaries
      Mentor: Marc Favata
    • Walter Ullon
      Early-Warning Signals Predictors of Extinction Events in Dynamical Models
      Mentor: Eric Forgoston