Meiyin Wu's Lab

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We welcome collaborators and prospective students.
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Wu Lab/Dr. Meiyin Wu
Science Hall 208
Department of Biology and Molecular Biology
Montclair State University
1 Normal Ave, Montclair NJ 07043

The research in the Wu lab focuses on habitat restoration and ecosystem management. The lab is devoted to improving ecosystem qualities and functions that were degraded due to human activities. Each ecosystem is unique; each environmental problem is complex. We take an integrative approach and incorporate skills from diverse disciplines, including ecology, molecular biology, microbiology, oceanography, geology, hydrology, physics, and mechanical engineering.

Our current research centers on management of both chemical and biological pollutants. We develop new technology to control invasive species, investigate potential of phytoremediation on heavy-metal contaminated brownfields, examine contaminants bioaccumulated in reptiles, and quantify greenhouse gas fluxes in wetlands.

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