A student walking by the School of Communication and Media and Life Hall.

Report an Incident

Students who have witnessed or have been a target of a hate or bias motivated act/incident on campus or while participating in a University-sponsored activity should report it as promptly as possible.

Report Incidents of Bias

Please Note: All reports will be evaluated for violations of university policy and criminal law. This form is NOT a police report; if you are in immediate danger, call University Police at 973-655-5222.

There are Four Ways to Report an Incident:

  1. In the case of a physical confrontation or injury resulting from a bias-related incident, contact University Police immediately at 973-655-5222.
  2. For all other bias-related incidents, call the Dean of Students Office and/or the Office of Residence Life at 973-655-4118. The matter may be referred to University Police.
  3. You can submit a report online. The name and/or photo associated with your Google account will be included. Report a Bias Incident.
    • Reports may be submitted anonymously; however, anonymous reports may limit the university’s ability to respond to the incident.
  4. You can submit an anonymous report by printing a PDF version of the Bias Incident Report. Please be aware that anonymous reports may limit the University’s ability to respond to an incident.
    • Completed forms can be mailed or dropped off to the Office for Social Justice and Diversity, 1 Normal Avenue, Student Center, Room 110, Montclair, New Jersey 07083.