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Meetings and Events

Forthcoming Disability Caucus meetings, Sp ’21:

General membership meetings are scheduled for Spring 2021, on the following Fridays,
from 2-3:30pm (ASL will be provided):

February 19
March 19
April 16
May 14

If you are interested in joining the Caucus, please come to our next meeting or contact us about joining!


Previous events:
“Pursuing Disability Justice at Montclair State University”

2020 Social Justice Conference at Montclair State University

Abstract: This workshop provides a brief critical historical overview of the institutional place of disability at MSU.  We will compare and contrast the institution’s historical and present stance toward disabled people as minoritized communities with the institution’s past and present stances toward other historically minoritized communities (e.g., women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, etc.).  In so doing, we briefly review the progressive initiatives and achievements of rights-based movements historically, and also explore the limitations of rights-based movements for systemic change. We propose justice movements (as opposed to rights-based movements) as more promising possibilities for structural institutional and cultural change moving forward. We close by introducing two new initiatives on campus (The Disability Caucus and a new student DREAM chapter), and invite the open discussion of ways that these two new fora might serve to work both together and with other justice initiatives on campus toward a more inclusive campus community.

People who attend the workshop may expect the first half to consist of a lecture overview of the information summarized above. The second half will include open discussion with people who attend, discussing and brainstorming initiatives that these new organizations and their affiliates may pursue on campus, including potential collaborations with other existing justice organizations.

Here is a recording of our presentation.