On the set of a TV production with cameras, cast and crew.

Pre-College Program: Film and Television Production

Film and Television Production

Welcome to the Film and Television Pre-College Program at Montclair State University. In your week on campus, you’ll gain hands on-experience writing, directing and editing your own project. You’ll be taught by amazing Montclair faculty, who bring years of experience in both teaching and filmmaking. You will go from concept to final project, working collaboratively with your classmates to learn first-hand the process of contemporary storytelling. And at the end, you’ll see just what goes into making the shows and films we all watch. This will all happen in our nationally recognized School of Communication and Media, where students benefit from state-of-the art facilities and partnerships with television networks and film studios. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Montclair this summer, where you’ll take the next step towards your future while enjoying all of the fun of residential life on our scenic campus only 12 miles from New York City.

During the weeklong program, you will:

  • Learn how to write a scene
  • Learn how to light and shoot a scene
  • Learn how to work on a film set
  • Learn how to direct and collaborate with actors
  • Learn how to edit a scene to create a final product

During your week, you’ll also be taking a trip to visit a film or television studio in the New York area. You’ll meet with working professionals in the field and learn more about careers in the film and TV industry. And you’ll get a chance to see the range of jobs that people have in this constantly evolving field.

Program Director
Professor Guy Nicolucci
Assistant Professor
School of Communication and Media
Email: nicoluccig@montclair.edu