Student looking at laptop screen while operating robot arm.

Pre-College: Intelligent Systems Python and Robotics

Intelligent Systems: Python and Robotics Pre-College Summer Program

Welcome to the Intelligent Systems: Python and Robotics Pre-College Program at Montclair State University. In your week on campus, you will learn how to program in Python and implement basic machine learning techniques. You will also learn how robots are built and programmed to do many tasks for humans. And you will experience the joy of creating and programming one yourself, as along with your classmates, you’ll collaboratively design and build a real-life robot. At the end you’ll participate in a one-day robotics demonstration and competition event to present your robot system to your parents, friends, and classmates.
You’ll do all of this while experiencing the fun of a residential college setting on Montclair State’s beautiful campus, living in dorms, eating in campus dining halls, and making new friends who share your creative passion.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn important characteristics and use cases of the Python programming language and the running of Python programs
  • Learn Python statements and syntax, and write Python code with assignments, expressions, prints, flow control, functions, and GUI.
  • Learn how to realize basic machine learning approaches using Python.
    Become familiar with the interdisciplinary field of robotics and its growing impact on society.
  • Learn the fundamental knowledge of robotics technologies including sensing technologies, actuator technologies, signal processing, and control technologies.
  • Learn the fundamental knowledge of robot programming technologies and how to apply them to program robots.
  • Obtain hands-on experience and teamwork experience through robotics projects and competition.

During the program you’ll also be taking a trip to visit the Google offices in New York City. There, you will meet with working professionals in the field and learn more about careers in computing. You will experience the work environment of a modern technology company and be challenged by the Google Engineers with a programming activity.

Program Director
Dr. Constantine Coutras
Chairperson, College of Science and Mathematics
College of Science and Mathematics