Student with a dragnet walking in lake.

MS in Earth and Environmental Science Thesis Titles


  • J. Mitchell Clay, Petrogenesis of Pleisto-Holocene Basalts and Basaltic Andesites from Newberry Volcano, Oregon


  • Ashley Cirone, 2017. Provenance Tracing of Glacial Sediment from the Foundation, Academy, and Recovery Ice Streams, Weddell Sea, Antarctica.
  • Jason Darley, 2017. Watershed Sub-Basin Scale Forest Fire Impacts on Soil Chemistry: A Case Study in Delaware State Forest, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Adam Fernandez, 2017. Mineral and bioclimatic factors controlling soil black carbon sequestration potential along an elevational gradient.
  • April Kelly, 2017. Determining Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene deglaciation of the Baltic Ice Lake through sedimentological and geochemical analysis of IODP Site M0064.
  • Jennifer Light, 2017. Geochemical and Particle Size Analysis of East Antarctic Shelf Sediments Through the Eocene Oligocene Transition
  • Lindsey Shanks, 2017. Targeting SAV Restoration at Lake Mattamuskeet Using GIS and Landsat 8 Data.


  • Taylor Krolik, 2016. Grain size and organic geochemistry of Kattegat sediment to determine paleoenvironments of the last Interglacial-Glacial cycle.


  • Diane Hagmann, 2015. Extracellular Enzyme Activities, Heavy Metals and Particle Size in Soil. (MA in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science Concentration).
  • Vicky Sekkas, 2015. Bedform morphodynamics and environmental implications in the New York Bight apex (MA in Environmental Studies, Environmental Management concentration)
  • Michael Viteritto, 2015. Simulation of Groundwater Flow and Advective Contaminant Transport at a Cemetery and a Pharmaceutical Site, Clifton, New Jersey
  • David Colombini, 2015. Modeling groundwater flow at a hydraulic fracturing site near Pavillion, Wyoming.
  • Matthew M. Del Ciello, 2015. Assessing the flood mitigation potential of water resource reservoirs.
  • Ciapha Nade Morris, 2015. Scrap tire and water treatment residual as novel “green” sorbents for removal of common metals from polluted storm water runoff.
  • Felix Mensah Oteng, 2015. Integrated assessment of interactions between surface water and groundwater under climate variability and change in the White Volta Basin, Ghana.
  • Jay Patel, 2015. Geothermobarometry of cordierite-bearing metapelites of the Hudson Highlands.
  • Natalie Romanoff, 2015. Geochemical tracers of productivity and terrigenous sediment supply in Antarctic Margin sediment.
  • David Carl Sharpe, 2015. A topographic and lithologic analysis of the Kittatinny Ridge and their implications for Appalachian erosional history
  • Alicja Trzopek, 2015. Characterization of uv-quenching dissolved organic matter in landfill leachate.


  • Daniel James Ciarletta, 2014. Characterization of Eocene-Oligocene depocenters in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica: a lithostratigraphic correlation of ODP sites 739, 742, and 1166.
  • Rachel Darley, 2014. Geochemical and Rock-magnetic Analyses of Kasten cores and Surface Grab Samples from the Joinville-D’Urville Trough, Northeastern Antarctic Peninsula: Results and Correlation with the western Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Catherine Konieczny, C., 2014. The effects of changes in population density on discharges for the Midwestern United States.
  • Kathleen Miller, K., 2014. Geochemistry and protolith determination of the hypersthene-quartz-oligoclase gneiss from the Hudson Highlands, New York.
  • Jessica Rosenberg, 2014. Late Pliocene ice-rafted debris mass accumulation rates from IODP site U1359, Wilkes Land Continental Rise, Antarctica.