Students sitting in the Student Center Quad.

0-30 Credits (Freshman)

As a freshman at Montclair State University in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF), you are expected to complete the following required goals and objectives which have been established by the Program. They reflect the skills, competencies, minimum progress and accomplishments all freshmen should achieve. In addition, you are expected to establish supplemental goals and objectives based on your unique interests, talents and aspirations in consultation with your Counselor.

I will accomplish the following within my first two semesters of full-time study.


  1. To promote a positive adjustment and assimilation into the university for first-year students.
    1. Complete all basic skills requirements within the first year.
    2. Achieve no less than 30 credits.
    3. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.50.
    4. Attend campus activities.
    5. Attend workshops for development (academic skills, career and personal development, etc.)
    6. Maintain monthly contact with EOP Counselor/Advisor.
  2. To involve students in the total life of the university, by making the most of campus resources.
    1. Identify and utilize appropriate support services:
      • Center for Academic Development and Assessment (CADA) – Tutoring – Morehead 139-145
      • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) – Counseling – Gilbreth House
      • Health Center – Health – Blanton Hall, 1st Floor
      • Center for Writing Excellence – Writing – 1st floor of Library
    2. Other campus resources as required. ( i.e. Financial Aid)
  3. To help students learn and develop a set of critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    1. Complete the Self-Assessment Survey: based upon your scores, create (in consultation with your EOF counselor) an appropriate plan.
    2. Develop a personal statement addressing:
      • What is my reason for being in college?
      • What is my career goal?
    3. Understand the concept of “Locus of Control.”
  4. To understand Montclair State University academic policies and procedures.
    1. Possess an understanding of the financial aid process, cost of tuition and timelines for submission of annual FAFSA.
    2. Identify potential major, restrictive curriculum guide/outline through WESS online or departments.
    3. Be knowledgeable of academic retention standards (probation, suspension and dismissal).
    4. Know how to calculate your GPA and how to access your Academic Analysis through WESS.
    5. Develop an awareness of the admission requirements for restricted majors, minors and concentrations.
    6. Possess an understanding of the financial aid process, cost of tuition and timelines for submission of annual FAFSA.