Students sitting in the Student Center Quad.

60-89.99 Credits (Junior)


  1. Continue portfolio development.
  2. Description and reflection on a career related experience.
  3. Develop a writing sample.
  4. Create a personal statement.
  5. Attend Workshops.
    • Resume Preparation
    • Effective Interviewing
    • Using Netscape for the Job Hunt

The following material updates the 1976 Policy Concerning Undeclared Students issued by the Vice president for Academic Affairs R.A. Lynde

Date: December 2, 2000

A student admitted as a transfer student at the junior level is required to enter the University with her/his major declared. An exception is made for those students intending to enter a special program requiring prerequisites prior to acceptance into the major program. In those rare instances, the student entering the University without a major remains in status until the completion of the prerequisites but for no longer than two semesters.