Students sitting in the Student Center Quad.

31-59.99 Credits (Sophomore)

The purpose of the sophomore plan is to provide support, assistance and information to second-year students. Sophomore students often have the following concerns:

  • Declaring a major
  • Tougher academic standards and increased workload
  • Curriculum heavy on core courses, and courses becoming more challenging
  • Increased competition for grades/staying in good academic standing
  • Balancing work, academics and social life


  1. To teach students to incorporate technology into their learning.
    1. Develop a personalized academic plan using assessment.
      • ELASSI
      • CSI
      • Becks Inventories
      • Skip Downing’s self-assessment
  2. To motivate students to make connections between choice of major and career path.
    1. Declare a major, or be enrolled in appropriate prerequisite courses leading to admission into a restricted major.
    2. Develop a life plan, including short and long term goals.
    3. Use FOCUS to explore career options as well as a major.
  3. To promote active learning and student responsibility.
    1. To identify your learning style(s). What is your preferred style? What can you do if your professor does not teach in your preferred style?
    2. Investigate career opportunities compatible with your learning style.
    3. Explore experiential learning through cooperative education and internship opportunities to continue portfolio development.
  4. To involve students in leadership and co-curricular activities.
    1. Identify and pursue opportunities for leadership experiences, become involved in campus and/or community activities. Student Government Association, Residence Education, The Montclarion, clubs, faith organizations, etc.
    2. Human Relations Leadership Development Association.
    3. Participate/attend a new activity.
    4. Financial Literacy Program.