January 22, 2014

Montclair State in the News

From boardroom to classroom: Ex-Verizon NJ chief now guides aspiring entrepreneurs

The Star-Ledger

  Photo of Dennis Bone.

Dennis Bone, director of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship, brings an executive background and entrepreneurial mindset to the new center. "The idea of building something new, important, relevant and something that is meaningful, that's what drew me in."

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Students embrace entrepreneurship in class


Look out, “Shark Tank” contestants; budding entrepreneurs are honing their pitches. Montclair State University students are flexing their abilities by participating in its new entrepreneurship program.

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 Photo of students in entrepreneurship classroom.

There's a 1,200-year-old phone in the Smithsonian Collections

Smithsonian Magazine

 Photo of 1200 year old phone in Smithsonian museum.

In his article, Professor Neil Baldwin talks about the gourd-and-twine device, the earliest known example of telephone technology in the Western Hemisphere, which evokes a lost civilization—and the anonymous ancient techie who dreamed it up.

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Is a college degree really worth the debt?

USA Today College

Jim Anderson, director of financial aid says, “There’s always going to be a certain percentage of people with a high school diploma who make more than a person with a college degree. But there’s plenty of evidence to show a return on investment for getting a college degree.”

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 Photo of stock image grad cap and money.

The psychology of Black Friday: The thrill of the hunt, the comfort of ritual

The Star-Ledger

 Photo of shoppers at midnight sale.

Archana Kumar, an assistant professor of marketing, cautions retailers to resist pressure to open their stores early just because their competitors are. She says, "There is only a certain amount of money that the customer has budgeted to spend for holiday shopping."

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Food an everyday challenge for Montclairites

Montclair Times

Meena Mahadevan, assistant professor in the Health and Nutrition Sciences department, has experience working with those living on limited funds, having developed nutrition information for the Food Bank For New York City.

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 Photo of groceries.

Montclair explores inner worlds of Blanche and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire


 Photo of a scene from Streetcar Named Desire.

Kari Margolis, the theater artist that brought Insula to Montclair State last year, brings a unique representation of Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

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And there's more...


The Jersey hustle (The Record) - Discussing the story behind the movie American Hustle, Professor Brigid Harrison writes, "Though Abscam took place more than 30 years ago, the ripple effects in New Jersey politics can be felt today."

Make supporting tobacco prevention a New Year's resolution (The Record) - Assistant Professor Lisa Lieberman suggests that New Jersey focus on tobacco prevention in 2014 after receiving a grade of F from the American Lung Association for prevention funding.

The selfie - an aesthetic of realism (The Record) - The Oxford Dictionary named selfie as its word of the year for 2013. Professor Hugh Curnutt examines how selfies function to reinforce as well as disrupt the norms associated with self-authored media content.

As we live longer lives, we must prepare for longer careers (The Star-Ledger) - Professor Michael Zey discusses the "superlongevity revolution" and the unique challenges it presents to society.

From our Experts

Why is Hellmann's so darn good? (Slate) - In talking about the name brand mayonnaise, food psychologist Debra Zellner says people "will tend to like, and therefore choose, products with which they are familiar.”

Ending the sibling rivalry: How to teach your children to get along (Nanny Classifieds) - Professor Jonathan Caspi helps families understand sibling rivalry and encourages techniques for sibling bonding.

Newark district and charter schools join together for universal enrollment plan (The Star-Ledger) - Katrina Bulkley, professor of counseling and educational leadership, weighs in on the collaborative effort between Newark public schools and public charter schools.

E. coli high in Montclair's Third River (Montclair Times) - Meiyin Wu, director of the Passaic River Institute and associate professor, said that the marked difference in E. coli counts is most likely due to seasonal temperature changes in the water.

On Air

Latest technologies to track your children (WMBC - TV) - Professor Sara Goldstein contributes to a report on the pros and cons of using new tracking devices to track children and encourages parents to talk to their children about the monitoring.

The last holiday shopping weekend (WMBC - TV) - Marketing professor Patrali Chatterjee talks about the shopping outlook and consumer promotions for the last shopping weekend of the holiday season.

How does the Affordable Care Act effect New Jersey college students? (WMBC - TV) - Karen Pennington, vice president for student development and campus life, says the University "wants to make sure our students can get care when they need care."


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